Credit Cards

VBT Promotion - 5.99% APR for the life of the balance with no transfer or transaction fees!

At San Antonio Citizens Federal Credit Union, we underwrite and service our credit cards locally. No need to talk with “Peggy” in some far away call center!

  • 5.99% APR on Balance Transfers through 03/30/18!
  • Purchase Rate… currently 9.90% APR
  • No Annual Fees!
  • 9.90% APR on all Cash Advances!
  • No Transfer or Transaction fees!
  • Secured Credit Cards Available!

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Buzz Points:  A free rewards program for your credit card!
Start Earning Rewards!

Visa Checkout … is a payment feature that makes online shopping more convenient and secure.  At checkout, enter your username and password to make your online shopping experiences easier with a single account that can be used across all your devices.  You can store and use any SACFCU card with Visa Checkout, and there is no need to re-enter your card numbers or address every time you make a purchase.  Click to enroll for this free service.

Verified by Visa … protects your Visa credit or debit card with a personal password while shopping online. Click to enroll for this free service.

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