Other Personal Loans

  • Throwing money into the airPersonal Loans… Do you need funds to replace an air conditioner, buy new furniture, upgrade your computer, or repair your vehicle? We can help!
  • Credit Builder… No Credit? Bad Credit? This loan is for you! San Antonio Citizens Federal Credit Union understands everyone has to start somewhere, and sometimes life takes turns we had not planned for. Learn how to build or rebuild your credit here!
  • Share Secured Loans… Do you have extra funds in your share account, but don’t want to spend them? Let us help you use them to obtain a loan for your next purchase.View our loan rates.
  • New & Used Boat Loans… Are you ready to begin exploring the beautiful waters of Florida? We can help you purchase your next new or used boat.View our loan rates.
  • New & Used RV Loans…Do you enjoy getting away from daily chores, job pressures and ringing telephones by jumping in your RV? Let us help you finance your next purchase.
  • Miscellaneous Collateral Loans…. Looking to finance something we haven’t mentioned? Jet Skis, 4 Wheelers, Motorcycles, horse trailer, etc. Let us help you!
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