SACFCU is committed to your business’ financial success. We value you and pride ourselves on providing products and services tailored for small business owners.

We offer a variety of business lending options with competitive rates and flexible terms to meet your business needs, including vehicles, equipment, and credit cards. Do you have a loan with another lender? Talk to us about our refinance options. As a small business owner, we know your time is valuable, and you are involved in multiple day to day activities. By taking a few minutes to gather some information ahead of time, the application process can be completed quickly, allowing the underwriter to respond timely to your request.

Here are the things we will ask you when processing your application:

  • Legal business name, address, and phone number
  • Type of business entity
  • Date business was first opened
  • Business tax identification number or Social Security number
  • Number of owners and percentage of ownership for each*
  • Net annual business income
  • Personal owners/guarantors assets and income

*Each owner with 20% or more interest must be included in the loan application and listed as a guarantor.

Here are the things we will consider when reviewing your application:

  • Credit experience and payment history
  • Cash flow and existing credit obligations
  • Current relationship with SACFCU
  • Experience in the industry

Here are the items you may be asked to upload during the application:

  • YTD interim financial statements
  • Most recent 2 years business tax returns
  • Most recent 2 years personal tax returns and W-2 for owner/guarantors

READY TO GO? To submit an application for a business credit card, a vehicle or equipment loan, including refinances, visit our Digital Business Lending Center (DBLC).

Click Here to Apply or Continue an Existing Application

Still have questions, or to apply for real estate or line of credit loans, please contact our Business Lending Specialists for additional information. Simply send an email to, or call the Business Lending Department at 352-588-2732. SACFCU recommends you consult with your tax professional or attorney to determine any tax advantages with your loan, and your insurance agent can help determine if you are adequately covered in the event of loss.

Business Savings
Our Official Membership Account and It’s Free!
This account provides your business membership into our credit union and access to all of the benefits of a credit union membership. The initial minimum deposit to open is $5.00, and serves as the share of ownership in the credit union. This $5.00 will be placed on hold throughout the life of the membership. Dividends are calculated daily, compounded and credited monthly to the account. There is no monthly service charge.

Business Checking
One account, Two options:
Our First Option is Free!
By maintaining a minimum daily balance of $500.00, your business account will no longer be subject to a monthly service charge or a per item fee.
Our Second Option is a great alternative!
If your business chooses to maintain a daily balance under $500.00, your business will be charged a small monthly service charge of $3.00 and a per check written fee of $0.25. Both accounts offer unlimited check writing and debit transactions. The initial minimum deposit to open is $50.00. Debit Cards are available for checking accounts.


San Antonio Citizens Federal Credit Union has partnered with BancCard to offer credit card processing options to our members. They offer an array of equipment options and are competitively priced. If you are interested in a price comparison or to begin a new service, please contact your credit union branch or contact our BancCard partner, Matt Hoover.

To Contact Matt Hoover, email him at or by dialing 615-945-4581