Youth Savings
Share Savings… Save your pennies for Free!
This savings account provides you membership into our credit union and access to all of the benefits of credit union membership. The initial minimum deposit to open is $5.00. Your initial $5.00 serves as your share of ownership in the credit union and will be placed on hold throughout the life of your membership. Dividends are calculated daily, compounded and credited monthly to your account.

Youth Checking
Have you started your first job? Do you need access to your money at night and on the weekends? Our Checking account is the perfect fit! iPhone X displaying SACFCU's Mobile App
Once you’ve opened your savings account, we encourage you and your parents to open a joint checking account. This account will allow you the convenience of check writing and debit transactions at no cost to you. Beware, this is a fully functional checking account so you will need to be very responsible with balancing your checkbook and keeping track of your transactions! There is no minimum balance required, no monthly service charge, and no per check charge. The initial deposit to open is $50.00. Debit Cards are available for checking accounts. Don’t forget to download our SACFCU Mobile App to keep track of your accounts and to make mobile deposits!

Youth Loans
Our Credit Builder Products are a great way to begin building good credit!
You must be 18 to apply. Your credit will follow you throughout your life. In fact, you can think of your credit report as your financial reputation. Your credit score determines how much interest you will pay on loans, it factors into how much you will pay for car insurance premiums, and in many cases it will be a factor in qualifying for the job you really want. We want to help you begin your credit building journey in a safe and positive way. That’s why we created the following loan products to get you started on the right foot…

  • Credit Builder Loan… We’ll deposit funds into a savings account and give you a loan against the funds! You will build credit and have a well established savings account when the loan is paid in full.
    Apply for a Credit Builder Loan Now  – You must be 18 to apply.
  • Secure Credit Card… Your savings will determine your credit limit. This credit card allows you the convenience of a credit card, while helping you spend responsibly.
    Apply for a Secure Credit Card Now  – You must be 18 to apply.
  • First Time Auto Buyer Program…Did you know you can purchase a car without a co-signer? If you’ve had a job for 6 months and have been a SACFCU member for 1 year, we can finance up to 100% of the purchase price! We will even provide you with a pre-approval letter to take to the dealership of your choice. Buying your first car has never been so easy!
    Apply for a First Time Auto Loan Now  – You must be 18 to apply.
  • Sallie Mae’s Smart Option Student Loan … For college expenses not covered by scholarships and federal loans, Sallie Mae brings you loans with great repayment options and competitive rates.
    Learn more about Sallie Mae’s Smart Option Student Loan or apply now *all loan products are subject to underwriting.

Additional Resources for Youth

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