Fraud Prevention

San Antonio Citizens Federal Credit Union wants to ensure the online protection of your personal and Account Information.  SACFCU will never ask you to provide personal or Account Information (your complete account number, PIN, CVV code, or full social security number) via email, text, or phone. If you ever receive a communication appearing to be from SACFCU that asks for personal information such as your Account Number or Social Security Number, do not engage. Please notify us immediately at

Would you let a stranger look through your wallet or purse to get your personal information? No, of course not! Use that same caution and determination when you receive a call, text, or email asking for information. Scammers are clever.  They are experts at tricking people – don’t let them trick you. Your Personal Information is Valuable – Protect It! Social Security Number, Debit and Credit Card Numbers, Driver’s License Numbers. Those numbers belong to you and should be kept secure. Don’t disclose them to anyone you don’t know – especially when you didn’t initiate the call/text/email.

Protect yourself – become educated!  Visit the following resources for more information on phishing, online fraud, free credit reports, identity theft and much more.

Internet Crime Complaint Center
Federal Trade Commission
Annual Credit Report