Making Cents: How to Choose the Right Budgeting Tool

Provided By Our Partners at GreenPath Financial Wellness 

Say it isn’t so: Mint, the popular budgeting app that has simplified money management for millions, will shut down on March 23, 2024. If you’re among the loyalists who will need to find a new app — or you’re simply shopping for finance apps in general — here are some tips on choosing a budgeting tool that’s right for you.  

Use Budgeting Tools from SACFCU

Before you deep dive into the digital marketplace, consider the tools we have available right here at SACFCU.  We have subscribed to these premium services for you, so there is no cost to you for the services:

  • MoneyMap – (formerly known as “Money Desktop”) This budgeting tool is integrated into online and mobile banking for your convenience. Set up your own budgets or have MoneyMap automatically create one for you. MoneyMap looks at your spending trends and recommends the best budget option based on how you currently spend your money. Budget and spend smarter with the tools in MoneyMap! To sign up for MoneyMap:
    1. It’sMe247 Online Banking: log in to online banking and select “MoneyMap” from the Money Management widget on the left.
    2. SACFCU Mobile App: sign in and select “Manage My Money with MoneyMap” in the Home Menu.
  • GreenPath Financial Wellness – SACFCU has partnered with GreenPath to provide financial wellness tools free to our members. Use their financial tools to get out of debt, build credit, set a budget, and even get help with the home-buying process.


Prioritize Accordingly 

There are many financial apps designed to make money management stress-free, but regardless of what budgeting tool you choose, consider the following features:

  1. Affordability

Before you commit to a paid subscription, take the time to try the tools SACFCU has purchased for you.  These are premium-quality tools made available to credit union members without the premium subscription cost to you.

  1. Security 

Given the sensitive nature of financial information, security is essential when choosing a budgeting app. Ensure the app employs enhanced security protections such as encryption, multi-factor authentication, and regular updates and notifications to protect your financial data from unauthorized access. 

  1. Methodology

While some apps use the traditional “envelope system,” others focus on zero-based budgeting. Choose one that aligns with your preferred approach. Unsure what the best approach might be? Opt for an app that offers flexibility, allowing you to experiment with different methods until you find the one that works best. 

  1. Interface

User-friendly, intuitive design ensures you can navigate the app effortlessly, saving you time and frustration. Look for apps that allow you to quickly input transactions, set budgets, and track your spending without a steep learning curve. Some apps even offer interactive tutorials to guide you through the setup process. 

  1. Goal Setting 

Creating and reaching financial goals for yourself is the reason most of us budget in the first place! Support this aspect of your financial story by choosing an app that allows you to set goals, whether saving up for a milestone purchase or paying off credit card debt. The app should monitor your progress and let you edit your goals when circumstances change. 


Get Connected 

Choosing the right budgeting tool is a proactive step toward gaining control over your finances, but you don’t have to decide alone. To better understand your current budget, explore free resources, or connect with a certified financial expert, our partners at GreenPath Financial Wellness are ready to support you. 


This article is shared by our partners at GreenPath Financial Wellness, a trusted national non-profit.