Saving for The Holidays is Simple With A Christmas Club Savings Account!   

Suffering from Santa-shock? A Christmas Club savings account is a fast and easy way to save for the holidays.

With restricted withdrawals, you don’t have to worry about dipping into your holiday savings throughout the year. There is no minimum balance required and no monthly fees. Your Christmas Club Account funds will be automatically deposited to your Share Savings account annually on November 1st. This account pays dividends, which are calculated daily and credited to your account monthly.

To set up a Christmas Club Account, visit your online banking profile and select “Open a New Account.” Once you select “Christmas Club Account,” you can elect the initial transfer into the account.  And once activated, you can transfer any amount into this savings account as often as you would like.  Remember you can schedule transfers and deposits to this account timed with your payroll or Social Security deposit.  Watch your savings build all year long and track your progress toward your holiday savings goal.