Make Your Mother Proud

Join us in the “Movers for Moms” supply drive this Mother’s Day, benefitting Sunrise of Pasco.   TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® created the Movers for Moms® program in 2007 to recognize and support mothers in need.

The Movers for Moms® program collects supplies for women who are victims of domestic abuse or are homeless and delivers these donations during the Mother’s Day weekend. In 2023, every TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® location participated in the Movers for Moms® campaigns, collecting over 443,861 items.

The Movers for Moms® program relies on the community’s support. By actively participating, you can make a difference in the lives of mothers and others facing difficult times. If you can, please visit a branch to donate, or for more information, visit Items from the list below can be dropped off at any of our branches on or before May 3rd.

Shelter Wish List:

Household Needs Children’s Needs Cleaning Supplies
– Curtains and curtain rods
– Laundry baskets
– Washcloths
– New shelter closet/organizers (6)
– Alarm clocks/ regular wall clocks (6)
– Calendars
– Nail polish remover
– Cotton swab
– Cotton balls
– Batteries (AA, AAA, D, 9V)
– Earbuds (android or iPhone)
– Phone chargers (android or iPhone)
– Nail clippers
– Flip flops
– Sponges
– Shower curtains
– Pillowcases
– pillows
– Blankets (All sizes)
– Sheets (All sizes)
– Comforters (All sizes)
– Bath towels
– Diapers– Pull-ups
– Baby wipes
– Baby bottles
– Baby/kid shampoo
– Kids toothpaste
– Kids toothbrushes
– Baby lotion
– Baby over-the-counter medicine
– Kids/children over-the-counter medicine
– Thermometers (reusable)
– Diaper rash ointment
– Flip flops
– Pacifiers
– Breast pumps
– Bibs
– Night lights
– Breastfeeding pads
– Mops
– Brooms
– Dust panes
– Dishwasher detergent
– Dishwashing soap
– Comet
– Pine-sol
– Lysol
– Bleach
– Fabric softener
– Laundry detergent
– Liquid Drano

– Toilet bowl cleaner and brushes
– Clorox bleach
– Fabuloso
– Simple Green
Paper Products Adult Hygiene Food
– Toilet Paper
– Paper towel
– Copy paper
– 2 pocket folders
– Kleenex/tissues
– Feminine products 
– Shea moisturizer
– Cantu – ethnic  
– Hair products (Full size)
– Body wash (Full size)
– Shampoo (full size)
– Conditioner (Full size)
– Dairy products
– Juice
– Fruit
– Vegetables
– Cereal storage containers
– Extra large food storage containers